Master’s course

Specialized Education

Fundamental Nursing

The domain of fundamental nursing is support for nursing professionals as well as people who need nursing care from four educational viewpoints (basic nursing sciences, nursing informatics, nursing management, and nursing education) in consideration of the variety of environments that provide nursing care. Based on these basic and common fields of nursing science, students are expected to conduct demonstrative and developmental research that contributes to the systematization of nursing science in a practical way.

Adult Health Nursing

Students are expected to research the nursing care of adults who have health problems and master advanced technical knowledge and technique based on nursing theory. Furthermore, students are expected to acquire necessary knowledge so that they can play a functional role as expert nursing professionals in the future.

Comprehensive Community Health Nursing

Students are expected to research health problems and solutions in a creative way with a pioneer spirit from our educational viewpoints (community health nursing, psychiatric nursing, gerontological nursing, and home health nursing) in response to changes in the health, medical treatment, and welfare environments that are becoming more diversified, complicated, and specialized. Furthermore, students are expected to develop their practical capability and educational research capability as expert nursing professionals.

Family Health Nursing

Students are expected to utilize various theories and make demonstrative researches in the major fields of women’s health nursing and nursing of child and family health in pursuit of the healthy life of children, parents, and women, and offer advanced care from the viewpoint of nursing science.