School of Nursing


Goal: To Prepare nursing professionals who can perceive each individual’s health condition and help others based on their highly proficient and knowledgeable arts and advanced technologies, and through their rich sensitivity and acute powers of observation. (Undergraduate)

Educational Targets

To respect the rich humanity of people who can share other people’s pain and agony, acquire a wide range of culture, and act appropriately by deeply understanding the dignity of life.

Raising people acquiring necessary nursing knowledge and skills along with capability in making suitable judgments and solving problems based on scientific grounds in accordance with changes in society and the development of medical technology.

Raising people capable of cooperating with those who offer human services in the fields of health, medical treatment, welfare, and education in local communities so that they can practice nursing and play a corrective role in society.

Raising people who can view and develop the role of nursing and contribute to changing society from local and international viewpoints.

Raising people to acquire a wide range of vision and the basic capability of nursing research while deepening their concern about nursing science.