Specialized Education

Selected curricula provide students with opportunities to acquire expertise, knowledge, and rich humanity.

Fundamental Nursing

Students are expected to understand nursing and nursing science from the side of patients, their environment, and health as the main aim of nursing. Furthermore, the School provides students with an opportunity to master knowledge and technique to perform unique nursing functions for people after they learn basic nursing technique.

Adult Health Nursing

Students are expected to study nursing care of adults who have health problems and learn knowledge and technique for the recovery and maintenance of patients’ health with the aim of improvement in the quality of life (QOL), or otherwise support for a peaceful death based on the theory of nursing.

Comprehensive Community Health Nursing

Students are expected to learn knowledge and technique to support the health of people living in communities, in response to changes in their health, medical treatment, and welfare environment.

Family Health Nursing

Students are expected to learn basic knowledge and technique that are necessary for providing support and health aid to people according to the development of families, the life style of families, and the relationship of families or parents and their children.

Nursing Integration and Practice

Nursing Integration and Practice includes the contents of nursing research (introduction to nursing research and general researches) and topics of each domain (international health care, terminal care, human rights and medical care, childrearing and culture).